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March 2015

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  • Apple Will Set Even Bigger App Store Records in 2015

    Developers made over $10 billion building apps for iOS in 2014, and they’re likely to make even more cash in 2015. According to Apple, the first week of January set a new record for App Store revenue – over half a billion dollars has been spent on apps and in-app purchases so far – and New Year’s Day 2015 saw the biggest number of apps sold in a single day ever.

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  • Kohl’s Enlists Bloggers to Promote Fitness Clothing and Gear

    Amping up its social-media marketing strategy, Kohl’s has enlisted a corps of 10 bloggers — all women — who collectively boast 149,000 Twitter followers and 98,000 Facebook fans. Under the arrangement, Kohl’s provides the bloggers with gift cards to acquire items such as fleece running tights, nonslip yoga mats and high-extraction juicers. They then write about those products, spreading the word about Kohl’s to their fitness-enthusiast followers.

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  • How to Balance Text and Visual Content in Design

    We’ve all heard the phrase “sex sells” but when it comes to design, what does the selling? Text or images? The reality is that both are essential parts of almost every design project. What makes the difference between a project that works and one that falls short is striking the right balance between the two.

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  • Stop Thinking Long Term. Execute Strategy 90 Days at a Time.

    Envisioning where your company will be in the future is important but the companies that are really great at executing their long-term vision do it 90 days at a time, focusing on bite-size pieces of progress that everyone in the company can understand and work toward collectively.

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  • Craft Brewers Are Running Out Of Names And Into Legal Spats

    Virtually every large city, notable landscape feature, creature and weather pattern of North America — as well as myriad other words, concepts and images — has been snapped up and trademarked as the name of either a brewery or a beer. For newcomers to the increasingly crowded industry of more than 3,000 breweries, finding names for beers, or even themselves, is increasingly hard to do without risking a legal fight.

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