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July 2014

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  • Virgin Holidays Unveils New Digital Magazine

    Unleashed, a free digital magazine for iOS and Android devices, provides avid travelers with an insight into the best places to visit around the globe. The magazine is interactive — for instance, it allows readers to build up their beach-to-bar outfits and also find the best places pizzerias in NYC by slicing away at the digital pizza featured in the app.

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  • Prioritizing Devices: Testing And Responsive Web Design

    With unlimited time, money and human resources, you’d be able to test your entire website on every device, every day of the week. In the real world, even large organizations don’t have the resources to attempt this perfect solution, so here’s a strategy you can employ so that you don’t have to test every device every time you want to update a live website.

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  • Tell an Airline How Much You Hate It and Get 8,000 Free Miles

    With its new promotion, Spirit Airlines seems to be fully embracing its reviled status as the Most Hated Airline in the U.S. According to the terms of the deal, anyone with a Spirit Airlines frequent flier account can go to, spew some ill will, and then collect 8,000 free miles. The obvious downside, of course, is that participants are receiving those miles to use on an airline that they presumably hate.

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  • Ten Golden Rules for Choosing the Right Website Images

    Images are the single most critical design element designers implement on their website. Yes, even in a world of web design that swears by design minimalism and flat web design, images still play a very important role in determining the success or failure of a site. A perfect image selection strategy can help you differentiate your website from its competition.

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  • You’ll Want to Stay in Bed All Day Long After Watching IKEA’s Dreamy Commercial

    Ikea’s newest spot, by agency Mother London and director Juan Cabral, plays off “the falling dream” in which the dreamer is perpetual free fall. Despite how dreamy the ad is, you’d be surprised just how much of it was shot in-camera: the tumbling protagonist and many of the beds were hung from cranes and suspended over buildings during the three-day shoot in Johannesburg.

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