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October 2014

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  • Twitter Testing “Buy” Button

    Twitter is testing a “Buy Now” button to let users shop from select merchants and artists directly from the social network. The button is being rolled out to a select group of users first before being introduced more broadly, with initial sellers ranging from brands like Burberry and The Home Depot to artists like Ryan Adams and Megadeth.

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  • Why Tech-Savvy CEOs Rule the World

    Having technical chops as a C-level leader affords both you and your company many advantages over CEOs with a business-only background. Pairing tech savvy with exceptional vision and key leadership traits creates the perfect skillset to lead a tech-driven company – and even other companies that may not be considered tech-driven.

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  • Can Snapchat Really Work for Marketing?

    Snapchat provides urgency, with powerful content that prompts quick action. Snapchat users have a few seconds to react, so they may be more impulsive and willing to interact to a Snapchat marketing campaign, as opposed to using other image-sharing platforms to do the same.

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