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November 2014

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  • IKEA Creates A Fun Vertical Wall-Apartment That You Can Climb

    To promote the opening of the 30th IKEA store in Clermont-Ferrand, France, the Swedish furniture giant teamed up with communications agency ubi bene to install a vertical rock climbing wall covered with IKEA furniture. The nine-meter-tall wall is decorated just like a showroom, except it is fixed in a vertical position, with hand grips and steps installed for rock climbing purposes.

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  • How Apple Pay is Set to Change Commerce

    Experts speculate that Apple Pay’s combination of Touch ID and NFC payments could potentially overcome consumer resistance to paying with a phone, making it a real possibility that Apple may have finally succeeded in making a phone a wallet.

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  • Gatorade Hits it Out of the Park With Epic Farewell to Derek Jeter

    To produce the spot, which shows Jeter surprising fans outside Yankee Stadium to the tune of Sinatra’s “My Way,” Gatorade roped off a few blocks before a home game in the Bronx and let the baseball star go. The shock and surprise on fans’ faces when their idol walks into Stan’s Sports Bar or signs autographs is genuine.

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  • 4 Secrets to Multichannel Success

    With so many vendors competing for attention, it can be hard for independent e-railers get noticed. That’s why many also choose to do business on large marketplaces, even though it means relinquishing some of their control and their profit margin. Here are four takeaways from three experts in multichannel sales on how to make the most of both platforms.

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