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Thursday, 22nd March, 2012 | By Steve Kelly | Category: Off-beat

Pixel-Perfect: 1,000s of Wallpapers for Your New iPad

Without a doubt, the most exciting feature of Apple’s third-generation iPad is its breakthrough Retina display, which holds an astounding 3.1 million pixels in a 9.7-inch screen.

To celebrate its debut, here’s a round-up of fantastic high-resolution wallpapers that harness the power of the new Retina display in all its razor-sharp, lifelike glory. Enjoy!

Wallpaper Sites







User Collections


Dribble: Adam Betts

Flickr group: iPad Wallpaper 2048 x 2048

Flickr user: Alex Hopkins

Flickr user: ifeatme

Flickr user: Michael Toye

MediaFire user: Agarun

Image Searches & Other Resources


Flickr search: iPad Retina wallpapers

Google search: All wallpapers filtered to 2048 x 1536

MacRumors forum: Retina iPad Wallpapers Thread

NASA: Image Gallery

NeoGAF forum: New iPad Wallpaper Thread

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