Comcast's Frank Eliason: Creating a Better Customer Experience One Tweet at a Time

podcast_main “Can I help?” Eleven characters. Unintrusive. Unpresumptuous.

Yet this seemingly innocuous question has the power to soften even the most disgruntled customer and open the door to communication. This is exactly how Frank Eliason, Comcast’s senior director in national customer operations, initiates many of his conversations with those who express their frustrations through Twitter.

Widely recognized as a pioneer in the use of social media for customer service, Frank – or @ComcastCares, as he is known in the Twitterverse – makes a strong case for why companies should not be afraid to venture into the social web.

Rather than shying away from criticism, he approaches each case head-on, with humility, authenticity and a genuine passion for achieving resolution to problems. In doing so, he has achieved the ultimate goal of any marketer or social media guru – transforming formerly dissatisfied customers into brand evangelists.

Recently, Frank joined Fame Foundry’s Jordan Drake to share his experience as the human voice behind the cable giant.


Frank Eliason Based in Philadelphia, Frank first joined Comcast as a customer service manager in September 2007. Shortly thereafter, he began reaching out to customers via phone after they blogged about their experiences with the company. In February of the following year, Frank was asked to take on a new role, director of digital care. In the two years since, he has spearheaded an innovative program that uses the tools of social media to provide real-time response to customer concerns – a program many others now seek to emulate. Follow him on Twitter @ComcastCares.

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