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  • Apple’s New Watch Packaging

    With every new Apple release, we as designers are equally as excited to experience their incredible packaging as much as the product itself. Although there is an emotional frenzy as you get to see the watch for the first time, Apple also puts a huge focus on the step-by-step cadence as you open each box. They blend detailed innovation, rugged protection and subtle simplicity all in one design solution.

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  • The 30 Best Album Covers of 2014

    Whether bold and beautiful images or simple, subtle signage, the last 12 months have produced some truly eye-catching and innovative visuals to represent a range of albums.

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  • IKEA Creates A Fun Vertical Wall-Apartment That You Can Climb

    To promote the opening of the 30th IKEA store in Clermont-Ferrand, France, the Swedish furniture giant teamed up with communications agency ubi bene to install a vertical rock climbing wall covered with IKEA furniture. The nine-meter-tall wall is decorated just like a showroom, except it is fixed in a vertical position, with hand grips and steps installed for rock climbing purposes.

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  • Twitter Testing “Buy” Button

    Twitter is testing a “Buy Now” button to let users shop from select merchants and artists directly from the social network. The button is being rolled out to a select group of users first before being introduced more broadly, with initial sellers ranging from brands like Burberry and The Home Depot to artists like Ryan Adams and Megadeth.

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  • Nike Creates First Full-Size LED Basketball Court

    Nike has created a full-sized basketball court with motion-tracking and reactive LED visualization technology built into the floor to help American star Kobe Bryant teach his moves to young players in Shanghai.