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  • Denim on Demand

    New York-based apparel company Flint & Tinder is rebooting an American icon – the perfect pair of jeans. They’ve developed a revolutionary new system they’re calling “Denim on Demand,” offering high-quality selvedge jeans made to order in NYC for just $98.

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  • The 35 Best Google Doodles

    From Lego to Les Paul, MC Escher to Dr Seuss, here’s a look back at the greatest Google Doodles to date, including illustrations, animations and beyond.

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  • Jerry Seinfeld’s Intentionally Bad, New-Old Acura Ads

    Jerry Seinfeld has written eight new Acura commercials in collaboration with Boston ad agency Mullen as part of the brand’s title sponsorship of his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Inspired by actual car commercials from the ’60s, the faux-vintage spots will bookend new episodes of the show.

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  • 12 Different Ways Santa Claus Has Been Depicted Around the World

    Mention the name “Santa Claus”, and images of a happy little fat guy dressed in red with a sleigh full of reindeer will immediately spring to mind. But that wasn’t always the case. Believe it or not, Christmastime’s most philanthropic mascot is a relatively new invention, one whose iconic appearance was fine-tuned with the help of legendary artists such as Thomas Nast and Norman Rockwell.

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