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  • Kohl’s Enlists Bloggers to Promote Fitness Clothing and Gear

    Amping up its social-media marketing strategy, Kohl’s has enlisted a corps of 10 bloggers — all women — who collectively boast 149,000 Twitter followers and 98,000 Facebook fans. Under the arrangement, Kohl’s provides the bloggers with gift cards to acquire items such as fleece running tights, nonslip yoga mats and high-extraction juicers. They then write about those products, spreading the word about Kohl’s to their fitness-enthusiast followers.

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  • Can Snapchat Really Work for Marketing?

    Snapchat provides urgency, with powerful content that prompts quick action. Snapchat users have a few seconds to react, so they may be more impulsive and willing to interact to a Snapchat marketing campaign, as opposed to using other image-sharing platforms to do the same.

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