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  • Virgin Holidays Unveils New Digital Magazine

    Unleashed, a free digital magazine for iOS and Android devices, provides avid travelers with an insight into the best places to visit around the globe. The magazine is interactive — for instance, it allows readers to build up their beach-to-bar outfits and also find the best places pizzerias in NYC by slicing away at the digital pizza featured in the app.

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  • Tell an Airline How Much You Hate It and Get 8,000 Free Miles

    With its new promotion, Spirit Airlines seems to be fully embracing its reviled status as the Most Hated Airline in the U.S. According to the terms of the deal, anyone with a Spirit Airlines frequent flier account can go to, spew some ill will, and then collect 8,000 free miles. The obvious downside, of course, is that participants are receiving those miles to use on an airline that they presumably hate.

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  • 7 Things Good Communicators Always Do

    Communicating is easy, but communicating well takes skill. Fortunately, good communication habits can be developed with regular practice, so if you know what it takes to sharpen your skills, you can learn how to facilitate effective, positive exchanges of information like a pro.

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  • How to Handle Twitter Trolls on Your Business Account

    Dealing with Twitter trolls is a reality we all must face at some point. But how? Ignore? Delete the comments? Fight fire with fire? No — instead you must handle your trolls on Twitter with care so that your business builds trust online with its true fans, looks professional and properly identifies the problem.

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  • 5 Brands to Emulate on YouTube

    YouTube has become the place where great content, regardless of its origin, can find a huge audience. It’s also the place where brands can make their mark as creators. These five companies are proof that the “content, not ads” mantra works, and if a brand invests the time and energy in creating entertainment that’s focused around the customer, it has the opportunity to gain a massive fan base who will happily do the work of bringing its message out into the world.

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  • Five Brand Campaigns that Bring Pinterest Into the Real World

    Pinterest, aka the Internet’s mood board, has become the standard bearer for brands that want to express themselves visually while simultaneously giving people content to use socially. Here five innovative examples of retailers that are using the platform to tie the digital world back to the physical.

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