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  • Tribes in Today’s Marketing

    If you haven’t been exposed to the idea of tribes, or if you’ve heard the term but haven’t been able to make the connection and apply it to your company, then you’re not alone. While the existence of tribes isn’t new, for many it is still a reach to understand and integrate the concept into their marketing and business growth model.

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  • 10 Keys to a Successful Marketing Partnership

    A trustcasting agency is an indispensable asset to the growth of your business. However, the best marketing partnerships start with you and your active engagement in the fulfillment of your growth objectives.

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  • Client Spotlight: Golden Star USA

    Golden Star USA is a nationwide online community where family and friends of U.S. Armed Forces personnel can gather to honor the accomplishments of these courageous and selfless individuals.

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  • Square Revolutionizes Payments with an iPhone

    Square has developed groundbreaking mobile credit card processing technology that offers a simple way for anyone – whether an individual, small businesses or large company – to accept payments by credit, debit, prepaid or gift card with a small card reading device that plugs into the audio jack of an iPhone.

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  • 5 Tactics to Improve Online Sales

    When it comes to online sales, the better the quality of the user experience, the easier it is to convert a visitor into a customer and, ultimately, a fan. Small Business Trends offers five simple but effective ways – from streamlining design and copy to cultivating the trust of your prospects to presenting content in a way that best suits the preferences of your visitors – to boost time spent on your site, clickthroughs and conversions.

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  • Webtrends Releases Audience Segmentation Automation Module

    Webtrends has just released a new tool called “Segments” that automates the process of aggregating consumer data from various sources,  including websites, Facebook fan pages, e-mail campaigns and more, identifying audience segments and targeting them with unique messages. This new module streamlines a process that once would have taken days and condenses it into mere minutes, making it possible to execute more effective campaigns more quickly and with less expense than ever before.

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  • 6 Pitfalls To Avoid When Choosing A Domain Name

    Having the right Web address is fundamental to competing in today’s marketplace. Whether you are establishing a domain name for the first time or are looking to claim more Internet real estate by registering alternate versions and one-off names for your core site, be sure to avoid these common mistakes in order to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find you online.

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  • 5 Business Lessons Learned from Undercover Boss

    Inc. offers leadership advice based on the hit CBS series “Undercover Boss,” which challenged CEOs of major corporations such as 1-800-Flowers and 7-Eleven to trade the comforts of their corner offices for the realities of the front lines. The results offer a cautionary tale for business owners and managers about why it is imperative always to remain in touch with all levels of your organization in order to provide the best experience possible for your employees and, ultimately, your customers.

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  • IPad Poised to Revolutionize Retail Industry

    While the initial buzz around the iPad focused on its potential to turn the publishing industry upside down, offerings from early adopters like Gap and eBay show strong indications that retail will be the next segment to be swept by the iPad revolution.

    Ad Age offers predictions from retail industry insiders for the ways in which this new platform will redefine the shopping experience, from truly interactive catalogs to highly personalized in-store customer service.

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  • Infographic: The Butterfly Effect On Social Media

    Many times it’s difficult for businesses to map the relationship between their social media activity and their bottom line. This handy graphic from Online Media Gazette makes the connection by illustrating how one piece of great content spreads across the social media landscape, is tallied by Google and increases search ranking – all of which ultimately equates to more traffic and more customers.

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  • 10 Money-Saving Technologies

    Companies large and small are constantly in search of means and methods to trim the fat from their operating costs. Renee Oricchio identifies 10 practical ways that small- to mid-size businesses can make the most of available technologies to increase internal efficiencies, reduce the cost of doing business and reinvest the savings in promoting growth.

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  • 20 Cutting Edge E-commerce Stores for Inspiration

    All too often e-commerce websites are driven by functionality, with design relegated to an afterthought. Few stand out by presenting products in new, innovative and truly beautiful ways.

    If you are preparing to venture into the world of e-commerce or looking to give your online store more character and style, these examples of cutting edge e-commerce stores will fuel your imagination.