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  • Shaping Business for the Tribe

    The key to owning your market in today’s trust-based economy is to identify, locate, join and lead your tribe. However, in order to sustain growth and continue to evolve, you must allow the tribe to transform your business operations from the inside out.

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  • A Social Media Policy Isn’t Optional

    Women Entrepreneur provides helpful insights from a legal expert on how to create a sound social media policy that protects the interests of the company without creating an unfriendly corporate culture.

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  • Three Secret Weapons for Entrepreneurs

    Focus offers three key principles to help fledgling entrepreneurs and business owners gain a competitive edge by recognizing and seizing upon opportunities, even when the opportunity runs counter to conventional wisdom.

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  • Crocs Returns to the Drawing Board

    In an effort to fight sales figures that have been slipping since 2007, Crocs has launched a new marketing campaign aimed at creating a brand image for the company that goes beyond the love-it-or-hate-it aesthetic of their signature shoe.

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  • A Natural Link Love Story

    SEOmoz makes the case for the importance of developing quality content that attracts natural links – an investment that pays dividends not only in SEO value but also in the relationships built with a loyal and engaged audience.

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  • 6 Quick & Easy Tools to Measure ReTweets

    Small Business Trends reviews six tools that can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your activity on Twitter by gauging the popularity of your content and how many of your followers are sharing that content with their own networks.

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  • Infographic: The Massive Potential of Mobile Marketing

    Online Media Gazette presents an eye-opening analysis of the mobile market, which now encompasses half the world’s population. Particularly noteworthy is that there are now nearly three times as many mobile phones worldwide as there are television sets or Internet users.

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  • Five Ways the New Google Docs Speeds Up Teamwork

    Fast Company reviews the latest upgrade to Google Docs and examines how its new features streamline the process of real-time collaboration, an especially important benefit for virtual companies whose employees do not work in the same physical location.

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  • Principles Of Minimalist Web Design, With Examples

    Smashing Magazine examines the fundamentals of minimalist website design, illustrating each point with beautiful sites that have achieved the delicate balance between stripping away all nonessential visual elements and preserving the quality of the user experience.

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  • Goodbye to the Office

    Seth Godin traces the roots of the modern-day office to the Industrial Revolution, when physical offices were necessary so management could oversee the operation of factories. Based on this historical perspective, he makes a case for why offices have become obsolete in today’s marketplace and how allowing employees to telecommute reduces unneeded overhead while promoting increased efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction.