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  • One Year Later

    As Fame Foundry celebrates our first anniversary, we look back at the year we redefined the rules of marketing and business growth.

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  • SEO 101: A Plain-English Primer

    In today’s marketplace, if you want customers to find you, you need a sound foundation in SEO. To help you get started on the right track, we define in layman’s terms what SEO is (and what it is not).

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  • We the Media

    Fame Foundry shares our first-hand perspective on the iPhone 4 and PR in the Digital Age.

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  • How YouTube Has Changed Media

    Brand Republic takes a look back at five years of YouTube and examines five milestones along the way that show how the site – now one of the largest in the world – has altered the landscape of broadcast media.

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  • Drive Blog Loyalty, Get Repeat Traffic

    When launching your blog, the first big challenge is making sure your audience can find you; the next great hurdle is turning hard-won visitors into loyal readers. Inc.‘s Maisha Walker offers practical tips for growing your core following and building a thriving community around your blog.

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  • Social Gaming for Social Good Raises More Than $3 Million

    Zynga, the developer behind the ubiquitous online games FarmVille and Mafia Wars, has harnessed the power of social connection and its global user base to benefit the greater good, raising more than $3 million to date in support of nonprofit organizations such as and the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.

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  • Marketers, Get Better at Reaching Moms

    The Lunch Pail offers advice to help e-tailers tailor the online shopping experience to better meet the needs of time-starved moms, creating loyal customers and brand evangelists in the process.

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  • 30 Online Invoicing Apps for Small Businesses

    For small businesses, having an efficient system in place for generating and sending invoices in a timely manner can help maintain healthy cash flow. Small Business Trends reviews 30 highly affordable cloud-based tools that can save you money while getting the job done faster.

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  • Unleashing the Power of Invisible Selling

    In today’s marketplace, trustcasting has not only replaced old marketing but also superseded hard-hitting sales tactics. American Express OPEN Forum shows you how approach to sales in a way that will establish you as a trusted advisor to your clients and prospects by demonstrating honest intentions and selfless motives.

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  • Social Media’s Impact on Small Business

    According to recent data, small businesses that use Twitter for consumer-based marketing yield twice the number of median monthly sales leads of non-Twitter users. Similar lead-generation benefits were garnered from blogging among both business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies.

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  • Four Ways Of Seeing That Set True Innovators Apart

    Innovation is not a product of luck or happenstance. Breakthrough ideas come to those who are attuned to trends, aware of voids within the market, able to identify untapped assets and willing to challenge the status quo.