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  • Live from Apple’s iPhone 4 Press Conference

    In yet another surprising twist in the iPhone 4 saga, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is holding a rare press conference to address customer dissatisfaction. Engadget is live blogging from the event. Follow the action as it unfolds here.

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  • 4 Tips for Choosing a Business Name that is Brand-Appropriate, Web-Ready and Protected

    Small Business Trends offers sound advice for choosing a business name that will stand the test of time. One area that is particularly important in today’s marketplace is how your chosen name will translate online to a domain name that’s SEO-friendly, e-mail addresses that are easy to spell and social media identities that are not already claimed.

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  • Infographic: Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft

    Online Media Gazette examines the three-way battle for dominance in the technology industry. As the infographic demonstrates, each of the contenders has its own strengths and its own agenda, with Microsoft trying to keep computing tied to the desktop, Apple pushing users toward mobile devices and third-party apps and Google driving everything to the cloud.

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  • 29 Ways to Collect E-mail Addresses for Your Business

    Have you been looking for ways to reach more customers and prospects with your e-newsletter? VerticalResponse Marketing Blog shares more than two dozen tactics that you can use to expand your mailing list at little or no cost.

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  • Creating Collaboration Takes More Than Technology

    To create a work environment where collaboration thrives, the first order of business is ensuring that your company’s policies and processes are aligned to incentivize your employees to work together rather than compete against one another.

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  • The Truth About Who’s Using Twitter

    A new report from Edison Research and Arbitron makes an interesting case for the value of the microblogging platform as a marketing tool. According to the findings of the survey, only seven percent of Americans use Twitter, but of those, more than 40 percent use the service to research products or share reviews. In addition, 51 percent follow brands on Twitter, compared to only 16 percent on other social networks.

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  • Death of the Microsoft Kin: A Look at the Evidence

    The swift and high-profile demise of the Microsoft Kin offers an important lesson on why it’s critical to be in touch with today’s Web-centric culture in order to survive. With its lack of third-party apps, the Kin simply couldn’t compete in a market where consumers expect unlimited on-the-go news, entertainment, productivity and more from their mobile devices.