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  • 8 Must-Haves for the Ultimate TV

    Between the advancements in streaming media and the meteoric rise of mobile computing, the nature of media consumption is changing rapidly – everywhere, that is, except for the living room. Fame Foundry examines what it will take for the lowly television to reach its full potential in the Digital Age.

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  • Don’t Fear the Reviewer

    Here are four indisputable reasons why it pays to allow your customers to review products on your website.

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  • Managing the Future Workplace

    The Wall Street Journal offers best practices for managers who are navigating the challenges of doing business in an economic landscape defined by corporate mistrust, scarcity of financing, tightened consumer spending and the accelerated evolution of technology.

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  • Study: Consumer Mindsets Matter

    Research from Yahoo and MediaVest reveals that consumers are more receptive to online advertising when they are using the Web for socializing or entertainment than when they are focused on accomplishing a specific goal like paying bills or researching a personal passion.

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  • Web Users Now Spend More Time on Facebook Than Google

    Despite the recent controversy surrounding Facebook and privacy concerns, it seems the social network is only growing in popularity. According to statistics just released by comScore, web users in the U.S. spent a total of 41.1 million minutes on Facebook during the month of August, as compared to 39.8 million minutes on all of Google’s sites combined, including Gmail, YouTube, news and search.

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  • Manage Brand Fanatics and Brand Detractors

    BusinessWeek offers practical advice to help small businesses invest in developing successful life-long relationships with loyal customers while minimizing the negative impact of critics.

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  • What’s Next for Mobile Platforms

    The recent explosion of advancements in mobile devices and platforms – from iPhone 4 and iPad to Ford’s in-car SYNC system and thousands of business-driven apps – have reinvented productivity on-the-go for businesspeople who frequently travel around town or across the globe.

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  • Bing PPC vs. Google PPC

    While Google continues to dominate the U.S. search market, the WordStream Internet Marketing Blog examines the strengths of Bing’s pay-per-click advertising program and makes a case for why you should consider using adCenter in addition to or even in lieu of AdWords.

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  • Behold: The New!

    TechCrunch offers a first look at the new, which now supports features such as embedded images and video in a separate right-side pane. The revamped Twitter interface will be rolled out incrementally to users worldwide over the next few weeks.