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  • Technology That Helps You Take Time Off

    With the last days of summer upon us, it’s the ideal time to consider breaking away to recharge your mind and renew your focus. Women Entrepreneur offers a list of useful tools – from smartphones and Skype to Twitter and Highrise – that will help you keep your business running smoothly while you are away from the office.

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  • Apple Introduces “Ping” Music Social Network

    Today Apple announced its foray into social media with Ping, a network designed to promote music discovery. Accessible through iTunes on the desktop, iPhone and iPod touch, Ping allows members to keep tabs on what their friends are listening to as well as to follow their favorite artists for the latest news on concert appearances and releases.

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  • Social Media Grows Up

    Twitter co-founder Biz Stone shares practical advice for using social media platforms effectively to define your brand and deliver better customer service.

  • September 1st, 2010 | Source: Inc. | Category: Trends
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  • Understanding the Consumer of the Future

    Inc.‘s compelling interview with author John Gerzema reveals how the recession has forever changed consumers’ buying habits and examines the values that drive how and where they spend their dollars as well as the companies they choose to do business with.

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  • Stop Marketing and Create A Tribe

    Seth Godin explains why small businesses have a distinct advantage in a marketplace ruled by tribes and offers valuable advice for how to make your business indispensable to your customers.