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  • The Myth of Multitasking

    Although multitasking might seem to be a critical survival skill for today’s 24/7 world of business, it is actually a productivity killer.

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  • Google Docs Adds Editing on Mobile Devices

    You can now update your Google Docs files on-the-go, as the cross-platform, cloud-based document editor has just launched a new version that works on mobile browsers on both iOS and Android devices.

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  • 8 Ways Small Businesses Help Communities

    This year, resist the lure of Black Friday sales at the national chains and instead participate in Small Business Saturday on November 27. By spending your holiday shopping dollars with your fellow entrepreneurs, you can help preserve the unique character of your community, keep tax dollars in your town and strengthen the local job market.

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  • Express Thanks Like a Leader

    Take a few minutes this holiday season to extend a simple, sincere thank you to your clients and customers. Whether in the form of a phone call, e-mail or handwritten note, a thoughtful, authentic message of gratitude will make a meaningful and lasting impression.

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  • Twitter Calculates Reputation Scores for Each User

    When Twitter co-founder and former CEO Evan Williams addressed the Web 2.0 Summit recently, he revealed that Twitter calculates a reputation score for each user, which factors into the recommendations in its”Who to Follow” section. He also mentioned that Twitter has considered making these scores public, which would have a significant impact on the burgeoning market around influence.

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  • 71% of Internet Users Run Latest Version of Their Browsers

    Recent data from Pingdom and StatCounter indicates that nearly 30 percent of Internet users do not run the latest version of their browser, which presents complications when developing web applications that rely on the advanced features offered by modern browser technologies like HTML5. The likelihood of being up-to-date varies widely by browser, with 90.6 percent of users running Chrome 7 while only 60.2 percent of users run Internet Explorer 8.

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  • Beyond Good and Evil in SEO

    The best way to minimize the risk of being penalized by search engines is to focus your SEO efforts on producing high quality content that is truly relevant to searchers rather than attempting to game the system by using “black hat” techniques to create the perception of relevance.