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Public Relations and Social Media

Work the media

You have a story tell, and the media is ready to tell that story. Fame Foundry's PR professionals craft your message and put it into the right hands to get it in front of your customers - whether through traditional news outlets or the blogosphere.

PR is social

When it comes to getting your message out in today's marketplace, building relationships with customers is just as critical as building relationships with the press. Fame Foundry sets the word-of-mouth around your organization on fire, establishing your organization as a trusted leader in the social media circles where your customers connect with each other.

Information intelligence and voice management

From blogs and message boards to news and social networking sites, there are hundreds of places across the Internet where you need to be active and responsive.

Fame Foundry engages in these conversations across all channels, presenting your organization's voice in a powerful and consistent manner that leverages your expertise and keeps your brand on top.

Crisis communications

Today's world of 24-hour, real-time information exchange has placed a megaphone in the hands of every consumer, exponentially increasing the chances that you will encounter a PR crisis. When problems arise, Fame Foundry is there, transforming issues into opportunity.